2023 Guest Speakers Presentations

Matt Egerton-Warburton. 6 December 2023.
“Catch Water, Restore Land 2023”

BRETT MASON. November 11, 2023.
Wizards of Oz.

Wes Raffel, October 3, 2023
“Silicon Valley Venture Capital Investing – My Experiences & Tips for the Future”

Christopher Johnson, September 5, 2023.
“The Auteur Theory, or What Exactly Does a Film Director Do?”

Richard Broinowski AO, 1 August 2023
“Australian Foreign Policy– are we heading in the right direction?”

Nyunggaii Warren Mundine AO, 4 July 2023.
“It’s Not Our Voice”

Tim Rocks & Ryan Cormican, Evans & Partners,
6 June 2023.
“Avoid Getting Dumped by the 2nd Wave”

Robin Baird and Peter Brown, 5 May 2023.
Sydney Metro West Overview

Michael Pascoe, 4 April 2023. Keeping Perspective – Economics, Politics & Life.

Robert Whitelaw, 7 March 2023.
“The Australian (1838) and Union (1857) clubs: the great survivors of 185 years of Sydney clubland”

Anne Dunn, 7 February 2023.
“The excitement and challenges of Sydney Theatre Company.” Anne Dunn, co-CEO and Executive Director, STC.