2019 Guest Speakers Presentations

Prof Martin Thomas Presentation. The future of Nuclear Energy in Australia.
December 2019

Darren Lewis. Interaction between Economics and Peace. September 2019

Dr David Mulford. Secondary Education Over Thirty Years. August 2019

Professor R Collins. Greenhouse Effect talk. June 2019

Iain Walker. New Democracy Foundation Australia. April 2019

Other 2019 Presentations

February 2019

Robert Tickner AO. 
Former Federal Minister for Aboriginal Affairs.
Australia and the Nuclear Weapons Prohibition Treaty

March 2019

Herve Lemahieu.  The Lowy Institute. Are we heading for a cold war in Asia?

May 2019

David Rosenberg. Former Manager Operations at the Joint Defence. Facility Pine Gap. Inside Pine Gap

July 2019

Professor Simone Strasser. Senior Staff Specialist at the Australian National. Liver Transplant Unit at RPA Hospital. Liver Transplantation in Australia

October 2019

Professor Roger Collins. Professor Emeritus at the University of NSW. Changing Priorities for University Education

November 2019

Dr John Vallance. NSW State Librarian & Chief Executive. Challenges for the State Library of NSW